Rural Services Partnership - Services

The Rural Services Partnership brings together a range of public and private organisations that provide services to rural communities across England.
This enables them to share best practice and network together around key issues affecting rural communities.

The following services are available to organisations who become members:

News Digest A weekly email news service in relation to rural issues.
 Parliamentary Representation of rural issues and challenges in Westminster at the Rural Services All Party Parliamentary Group.
 Opps Bulletin E-newsletters providing a weekly rural commentary, monthly topic and sector bulletins and monthly roundup of funding opportunities available.
Draft Response Compilation of monthly consultation requests and suggested draft responses on major rural topics.
 Best Practice  Library of rural best practice.
Hinterland Commentary each week on current rural topics.
Policy and Prac Best practice calls for evidence across English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish Local Authorities and compilation of results.
 Rural Conference  Annual Rural Conference
State of Rural Services Biennial Examination of Rural Services and their operation throughout England
 Meetings Three meetings a year dealing with rural issues and sharing best practice.
 Seminars A number of Seminars for Officers and Members to attend throughout England on a range of rural topics with expert speakers and practitioners.



You can download the Articles of Association of the Rural Services Partnership Limited document here
You can download the Memorandum of Association of the Rural Services Partnership Limited document here

For information on how to join the Rural Services Partnership please contact us on:

01822 813641
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.