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Rural youngsters 'must leave for jobs'

Written by  Ruralcity Media
Rural youngsters 'must leave for jobs'

ONE in three rural youngsters fear they will have to leave their area to find a job, reveals a study.

The survey - by rural insurer NFU Mutual - found there was a lack of suitable careers for rural teenagers and twenty-somethings.

Around one third said they would have to move to a town or city to get a job - even though they wanted to continue living in the countryside.

Almost 200 people aged 18 to 24 were polled.

The survey of 1,500 people found that older people agreed there were fewer employment opportunities than when they started work.

Rural routes to business success are also limited, found the study.

One in 10 respondents under 35 said they were unable to start their own business due to lack of finance.

NFU Mutual chairman Richard Percy said: "This study clearly highlights the urgent challenge faced by farms and rural businesses in the UK."

"The lack of financially viable opportunities for young people is potentially threatening the long-term viability of the entire sector.

"With the cost of living relatively high in the countryside, finding employment opportunities which pay sufficiently well to attract young people into the industry, especially if they are not already within a family business, can be extremely difficult."

Many young people starting careers in towns or cities return to the countryside later in life, the study suggests.

But confidence in the local rural economy is improving, with satisfaction scores rebounding by 5% over the last three months of 2012.

The NFU Mutual Countryside Living Index tracks sentiment and quality of life in the countryside every quarter.

Satisfaction overall remained stable in the fourth quarter of 2012, but concern around levels of crime rose slightly.

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  • In many parts of rural Cumbria there are jobs, in agriculture, in tourism, caring for older households etc = low paid but important jobs. But young people can't afford to stay if they want to move out from home and have an independent life, as the house prices are too high and there is little affordable housing to rent. So what we really need is more affordable housing in rural communities, to allow young people to stay to keep balanced communities and schools/shops/pubs viable.

  • Guest (Colin Cumming)


    So our young people don't want to leave to find work in the cities, so lets bring the cities to the countryside? Why is the solution always building more houses, more people, more traffic, and more pressure on our wildlife and ecosytems.
    In the real world young people have been leaving home to seek their fortunes all over the world for centuries, why not now?

  • Guest (Judith Derbyshire)

    In reply to: Guest (Colin Cumming) Report

    Some of our young people leave, for university, for jobs & to be in more exciting places, but many want to stay, to work live & work locally. In most villages, it is not a lot of new affordable homes needed to help young people stay, only a few new houses, so we are not 'concreting over the countryside'. And as there are jobs locally, in pubs & shops, caring for older people, the fuel consumption will be less than if workers have to commute from larger settlements.

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