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Access to adequate broadband - and indeed the lack of it - remains a big challenge for rural business and communities.

Remote rural areas often face challenges with technological advances as they are grafted on to existing networks.

Broadband is the classic example.

Lack of technological capacity can impact on areas from both an economic and a social viewpoint.

The Rural Services Network aims to ensure rural communities are fully updated on both developments and concerns.


Latest updates:


Revealed: UK's best and worst broadband speeds
29 June 2017
The best and worst broadband speeds across the UK have been revealed by a new study, with the bottom three all coming from Scotland. (Press Association)

Getting fast Broadband is a 'choice'
27 June 2017
The former broadband minister has said that people can choose to have super fast broadband. (BBC Online)

Local authorities not up to speed with fast broadband delivery
27 June 2017
Eleven areas fail to provide the government’s minimum download proposal of 10Mbps, says Which? (The Guardian)

Highland residents help dig cables to ensure ultrafast broadband
13 June 2017
Two of Scotland’s most remote mainland communities are set to see broadband speeds surge to among the fastest in the UK, with residents helping to dig in new cables. (Evening Express)

Cut-off Welsh village finally gets broadband
6 June 2017
Residents of a Welsh village with no broadband are rejoicing after new superfast internet was finally installed. (The Independent)

Delay in broadband rollout criticised
5 July 2017
Rural Ireland has lost confidence in the government’s plan to roll out fast broadband to more than half a million homes following the latest setback in its delivery, it has been claimed. (The Times)

Uttlesford to benefit from superfast broadband deal
30 June 2017
More than 24,000 homes and businesses in Essex are set to get superfast broadband under a £24million deal from Essex County Council. (Dunmow Broadcast)

Yorkshire and Dorset have slowest broadband
27 June 2017
Ryedale in North Yorkshire and Purbeck in Dorset have the slowest broadband in England, according to a survey that shows rural areas are still losing out in the battle for speed. (The Times)

Broadband in half of Devon goes from slowest to fastest
28 June 2017
A £7million deal will bring superfast broadband to thousands more homes and businesses across Devon. (Devon Live)

Engineers fish for an internet connection
9 June 2017
Engineers working to bring high-speed internet to homes and businesses are resorting to some rather unorthodox methods when facing challenges. (Northumberland Gazette)

More homes to benefit from better broadband
29 June 2017
Around 12,500 homes and businesses across Bucks are set to benefit from a better broadband connection. (Bucks Free Press)

Superfast broadband coming to borough villages
26 June 2017
Residents in three villages in Rugby borough and another south of the town will soon be able to enjoy superfast broadband. (Rugby Advertiser)

Residents to benefit from £3m broadband investment
15 June 2017
Wiltshire Council has awarded new broadband contracts which they say will improve internet service to residents and businesses in the county. (Wiltshire Standard)

Slow broadband in Horsham: Ways to speed it up
29 June 2017
Just because your current or predicted speeds in your home or office building are slow, doesn’t mean you can't get faster speeds. (The District Post)


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Broadband Toolkit

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