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Latest transport headlines impacting rural areas

Latest headlines:

Calls to link rural transport schemes

2 August 2018

Better communication is needed to link a patchwork of community transport schemes dotted around rural North East Somerset, says a forum. (MNR Journal)

Rural transport scheme looking for volunteer drivers

5 August 2018

The Buckingham Area Rural Transport (BART) scheme is looking for volunteer drivers for their initial pilot services. (Buckingham Today)

Hospital bus link welcomed by campaigners

19 July 2018

A long sought after bus service linking Suffolk residents with their local hospital will be launched next month, much to the delight of campaigners. (Haverhill Echo)

Council says there's 'no cash' to save vital rural bus services

25 July 2018

County council bosses in Cumbria have ruled out reinstating rural bus services - despite increasing pressure from campaigners. (North West Evening Mail)

Are young people going cool on cars?

18 July 2018

Different solutions could be needed in rural areas where good public transport is scarce and where most people are dependent on cars. (BBC Online)

Buses in 'crisis' as 3,000 routes reduced or scrapped

2 July 2018

More than 3,000 bus routes have been cut back or withdrawn in England and Wales in the past eight years, transport campaigners have said. (BBC Online)

DIY for public transport as rural routes disappear

1 July 2018

Public transport is likely to be more of a DIY effort in the future as bus subsidies disappear along with many rural routes. (Dorset Echo)

£15k for 'vital' rural transport service

12 July 2018

A local council has issued a £15,000 grant to support a community transport service which connects people in rural areas to vital services. (RSN Online)

Somerset 'missing out' due to high cost of rural transport

4 July 2018

MORE money is needed from central government to tackle the high cost of school transport in rural parts of Somerset, the county council has said. (County Gazette)

Poor roads and transport leave rural residents behind

30 July 2018

Countryside dwellers are made to feel "off the radar" and "left behind" with impassable roads, no public transport and poor broadband, a report has found. (The Telegraph)

Council to vote on cuts to rural school transport

15 June 2018

Suffolk council is preparing controversial cuts to school transport that will “significantly impact” pupil numbers at schools around the county. (Schools Week)

Transport boss pledges not to cut bus services

13 June 2018

The boss of public transport in Kent has promised no rural bus services will be cut this financial year. (News Shopper)

Britain's 'most scenic' bus route revealed

28 May 2018

A double-decker serving the North York Moors has been crowned the "most scenic" bus route in Britain. (BBC Online)

Free school transport lost for 20,000 rural pupils

24 May 2018

More than 20,000 children in rural England have lost access to free school transport, say local authorities. (BBC Online)

EU rules 'could force community buses off the road'

17 May 2018

If European regulations around community transport are enforced, it will have a detrimental impact on vulnerable people in Devon, the county council has said. (South Hams Gazette)


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