Think Tank Round-up

The Think Tank Round-Up is a short summary of recent reports of interest to local government and the wider public sector, put together by members of the policy team at Oxfordshire County Council.

This edition covers the first four months of 2016, and includes:

* The Institute for Government on "Making Devolution Deals Work"
* The LGA on behavioural insights in health, and digital transformation
* Policy Exchange on "Smart Devolution"
* The NLGN Commission on Place-Based Health
* The RSA on localism and devolution, including the Wiltshire experience
* Nesta on "Connected Councils"

...and many more, as they say.

Do drop me a line if you see (or indeed produce) other reports you think it would be worth summarising and circulating.

John Courouble

April 2016


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County Councils Network, May 2014

The results of CCN research amongst its members on the Better Care Fund, and articles by Ministers, MPs, Councillors, and council officers about the potential for the fund.

Centre Forum, May 2014

Written by the government's independent reviewer of public services David Boyle, this report sets out ways that 'co-production' of services can be applied more widely in health, housing, social care, and other contexts.

The King's Fund, May 2014

An interesting report, aimed at encouraging the NHS and Public Health England to adopt the PAM (Patient Activation Measure) to better tailor their message to individuals and achieve better outcomes.

Stategic Society Centre, May 2014

Since Budget 2014 scrapped the 'annuities deal' for 'defined contribution' pension saving in the UK, removing an obligation to turn tax-advantaged pension savings into a secure pension income, there has been concern about the ability or willingness of retirees to allocate their lump sum in a way that provides for the full length of their retirement.

IPPR, June 2014

In the current parliament, 95% of government spending on housing is paid out in housing benefit, with only 5% invested in new homes, and the housing benefit bill is set to grow with 150,000 more claimants by 2019 who are in work, but still unable to pay their rent without a subsidy.

Policy Exchange, May 2014

Using census data, surveys and academic and polling data the report provides facts and figures about the ethnic composition of the UK now, and projections up to 2050.

PwC annual local government survey, 2014

The fourth such survey of council leaders, chief executives and the public reveals a more negative outlook on the ability of local government to preserve frontline services.

Centre Forum, May 2014

This study which suggests that the current model for delivering higher education is not delivering social mobility.

(Solace, April 2014)

This report outlines the view of Local Authority Chief Executives that the most significant function for councils must now be those which contribute to and harness economic growth.

IPPR, April 2014

Taking the results from the Future of England survey, this report suggests that greater local control of certain issues (planning, public transport and housing) would improve engagement with the political system.

New Local Government Network, March 2014

Written in association with Telefonica O2, this report highlights that whilst local government has embraced the theory behind digitisation, the same sorts of barriers to any sort of transformation have delayed implementation; skills shortages, risk aversion, and lack of clear leadership and co-ordination.

The King's Fund, April 2014

The independent commission published its interim conclusion that the post war settlement of separate systems for health and social care is no longer fit for purpose and calls for opinions on its proposals for change before publishing its final report in September 2014.

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