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The mission of the Department for Education is to develop a highly educated society in which opportunity is more equal for children and young people no matter what their background or family cirumstance.  This section of the Observatory investigates whether these opportunities extend to children and young people from rural England.

The RSN Education and Skills Profile brings together key data to inform and contextualise a local authority areas particular situation. The analysis provides comparison to the authority class and to the rural classifications. The sheets are editable to allow narrative descriptions and to emphasize or delete the graphs/tables as may be appropriate for the intended use and for your local authority area.

Absence from school can have a profound effect on a pupils academic progress and career prospects later in life. To get a better understanding of the situation in your local authority area, this analysis looks at absenteeism based both on school location and location of pupil residence, for the school year 2013 to 2014.

The transition through life from late teen to young adulthood presents a number of choices socially, professionally and academically. For many young adults living in rural areas, the choice to continue education to a higher level brings with it the necessity and desire to move to an urban location. Data demonstrates that this results in a migration of young adults, and hence the loss economically and socially, from rural local authority areas.

To view the analysis the on the rural to urban migration click here

The school run presents a clear example of where travel solutions in rural areas are of the utmost importance to providing an essential service, and need to accommodate some of the most vulnerable members of a community.

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