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Location: East Midlands

Population: 78,200 (2016)

Interesting fact: Wellingborough was originally named "Wendelingburgh", the town was founded in the early 6th century Saxon period by a Saxon leader called Waende and is mentioned in the Domesday Book under the name of "Wendelburie". The town was granted a royal market charter in 1201, by King John of England.



Wellingborough is a member of the Rural Services Network and falls
under the branch of our service called the Rural Assembly.
A list of all the Rural Assembly members can be found here.


Wellingborough Information

Phone number
01933 229777
Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs)
Frequency of elections
Elections are of whole council
Number of councillors
Political composition
Conservative - 27
Labour - 9
Peter Bone - Wellingborough (Conservative)
Decision making structure
Councils with less than 85,000 population
Population change
Population change
One Year Population Change
+ 1.0% 
Ten Year Population Change
+ 4.3%
Police Authority
Northamptonshire Police Authority
Fire Service
Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service
Health Authority
East Midlands Strategic Health Authority
16,291 Hectares
Rural Output Areas
86 rural OAs from 252 OAs in total
Audited by
KPMG LLP (England)
Rural Classification (Defra)
Urban with Significant Rural (rural including hub towns 26-49%)
Population by Area- (Density)
4.80 people per hectare
Number of Parishes
Number of Parish Meetings
Number of Parish Councils
Number of Town Councils
Average house price
£165,000 (Median price paid by local authority, year ending Q4-2015 - provided by UK HPI data published by Land Registry © Crown copyright 2016)
Outsourced Services
Information yet to be supplied
Average age of population
39.6 (2011 Census data)
Main Towns
Unemployment rate
1.1% (JSA claimants for August 2017)
Current Council Tax
(amount reported is the amount received by the Council - no other services are included)
2014/2015 Council Tax - £131.22
2015/2016 Council Tax - £131.22
2016/2017 Council Tax - £136.09
2017/2018 Council Tax - £141.06

Percentage of households socially rented from council or local authority
5.4% (2011 Census data)
Percentage of population who have reported they are in very good health
44.8% (2011 Census data)
Percentage of population which provides unpaid care
10.5% (2011 Census data)
Employment by Occupation
Percentage of people aged 16 and over who are in Social Major Group 1-3
45.8% (ONS annual population survey - April 15-March 16)
Average annual wage for full time employees
  1. 2014 Workplaced Based Median - £22,406
    2015 Workplaced Based Median - £21,993
  2. 2014 Workplaced Based Mean - No source data
    2015 Workplaced Based Mean - £30,269
  3. 2014 Resident Based Median - £23,382
    2015 Resident Based Median - £25,136
  4. 2014 Resident Based Mean - £28,823
    2015 Resident Based Mean - £34,098
Percentage of those employed in full time employment
42.6% (2011 Census data)
Cars or vans owned per household
(2011 Census data)
No cars or vans - 21.1%
1 car or van - 42.3%
2 cars or vans - 28.3%
3 cars or vans - 6.1%
4 or more cars and vans - 2.2%
Local Newspapers
Information yet to be supplied
National Park/AONBs

2015 English Indices of Deprivation analysis toolDeprivation

(Produced by Oxfordshire County Council)

The Research & Intelligence Unit of Oxfordshire County Council have produced an interactive tool that present the 2015 English Indices of Deprivation on a map of England to make it easier to explore the data for your areas of interest, and have kindly made this tool available to members of the Rural Services Network.

The analysis works through your web browser, and can be accessed for Wellingborough here

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