Think Tank Round-up

The Think Tank Round-Up is a short summary of recent reports of interest to local government and the wider public sector, put together by members of the policy team at Oxfordshire County Council.

This edition covers the first four months of 2016, and includes:

* The Institute for Government on "Making Devolution Deals Work"
* The LGA on behavioural insights in health, and digital transformation
* Policy Exchange on "Smart Devolution"
* The NLGN Commission on Place-Based Health
* The RSA on localism and devolution, including the Wiltshire experience
* Nesta on "Connected Councils"

...and many more, as they say.

Do drop me a line if you see (or indeed produce) other reports you think it would be worth summarising and circulating.

John Courouble

April 2016


*          *          *

The Institute for Government

A short 20-page exploration of how devolution deals have emerged to date, including a helpful summary of pre-May 2015 developments and post-election offers and then a self-proclaimed 'Guide to making devolution deals' work.

Local Government AssociationLocal Government Association

A short collection of case studies to demonstrate how "nudge" theory is being used by local government, in particular public health practitioners, to encourage their residents to make changes to improve their health.

Social Market Foundation
This report examines the changing nature of intergenerational support.


"Forty Five percent of park owners (are) considering selling or transferring them because they cannot continue to fund them."

Policy Exchange

Two key policy programmes lie at the heart of the Government's work to make the UK's cities better, more vibrant and sustainable places to live, work and visit: city devolution and smart cities.

New Local Government Network (NLGN)

Some 20% of health outcomes result from clinical treatment, with the remaining 80% determined by wider factors such as lifestyle choices, the physical environment and family and social networks.

Ernst & YoungErnst & Young

A short report which looks at the progress of devolution deals across England.

Local Government Association (LGA)

The LGA has published a set of four linked papers which set out the sector's position and priorities on maximising the opportunities of 'digital'.

Royal Society of Arts (RSA)

The RSA has conducted a three year learning partnership with Wiltshire Council to explore the issue of localism.


This paper argues that poor levels of housebuilding are the result of an over-reliance on private-sector output.


This report examines how digital technologies could help councils save money, foster local economic growth and deliver better outcomes for local residents and communities.


This report looks at changes to the working age welfare system since 2010.

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