Connected councils – a digital vision of local government in 2025


This report examines how digital technologies could help councils save money, foster local economic growth and deliver better outcomes for local residents and communities.

It sets out a vision of where councils might be in 2025 to better understand what opportunities they face now: siloed services will be replaced with multi-agency teams that form around specific local challenges; a truly mobile workforce has freed up public space; almost all transactions take place online; and instead of two-dimensional council websites, interactive platforms connect users with third-party apps and services, and stream personalised content on local democracy, jobs and services.

The report recommends that all councils should become digital by default, fully digitising their back office by 2020.

It also recognises the role of data, and recommends that all city regions should be required to establish an Office of Data Analytics to help city leaders and public bodies bring together and analyse data to support regional economic growth and local public sector reform.

Download here.