Learning to rethink parks


"Forty Five percent of park owners (are) considering selling or transferring them because they cannot continue to fund them."

This prompted Nesta to join with the Big Lottery Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund to support 11 teams over 18 months to test new ideas for funding public parks.

This report reviews the impact of the 11 implemented ideas and comes up with a series of recommendations each targeted at those involved; Park Teams and Local Authorities, Central Government and 'Funders'.

The authors posit that "when a park is well cared for and the local community feels a sense of ownership it can be a vital community asset"... "but if not properly cared for, parks fail to fulfil their potential and can quickly turn from an asset to a liability".

The report goes on to say that with parks facing "cuts of sixty per cent and more" there is a pressing need for public parks to diversify their funding sources, seek new partners and volunteering arrangements and to ensure they have accurate financial data and park user insights in order to sustain their park.

Download here.