Making devolution deals work

The Institute for Government

A short 20-page exploration of how devolution deals have emerged to date, including a helpful summary of pre-May 2015 developments and post-election offers and then a self-proclaimed 'Guide to making devolution deals' work.

The 'summary' part highlights issues in the process to date; most obviously the very tight timelines and lack of government clarity on what was definitely on or off the table, in terms of funding and powers.

The 'guide' section is split into four sections; the process for discussions on devolution, assessing local readiness for devolved powers, central government readiness to transfer those powers and concludes with a section on 'sense checking' the proposals resulting from negotiations.

The authors acknowledge that their guide focuses on the specific area of skills funding, and further research would be merited in more complex areas of the devolution debate; health, social care or infrastructure.

Download here.