Place-based health

New Local Government Network (NLGN)

Some 20% of health outcomes result from clinical treatment, with the remaining 80% determined by wider factors such as lifestyle choices, the physical environment and family and social networks.

Yet the weight of both funding and services continues to be overwhelmingly focussed on reaction to illness rather than the promotion of wellness, with only four per cent of health expenditure in England supporting prevention.

This position paper launched the NLGN's Place-Based Health Commission, chaired by Lord Victor Adebowale.

The commission aimed to generate new insights into how professional collaboration, service integration and demand shifts can work in practice.

This position statement paper was followed up in March by the Commission's report "Get Well Soon, Reimagining Place-Based Health", which set out a transformation path from "monolithic institutions" in the health economy toward "place based and person centred" health.

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