£100m to keep homes warm

UP TO £100m is available to help households keep warm during 2012/13 – the last year of the Warm Front scheme.

Scheme organisers highlighted the figure after a mild winter saw some funding for 2011/12 due to be returned to the government.

The Warm Front scheme has helped more than 2.4m households keep warm since it was launched in 2000.

Rural homes can be particularly difficult to heat.

"This is a milestone we are rightly proud of, as it demonstrates the scale of what has been achieved," said Nicky Jones of Carillion.

The funding for 2012/13 is £100m, said Ms Jones.

"We want to ensure that all of the funding is used so that as many households can benefit from living in a warmer healthier home."

Unfortunately during the financial year 2011/12 the entire Warm Front budget was not spent due to many contributing factors.

Among them was the mild winter, which meant some funding would go back to the Treasury.

However, the budget was available for this year.

Ms Jones said she wanted to make sure the final year of Warm Front continued to improve the living conditions of as many households as possible.

The scheme would no longer be available after March 2013.

Householders can apply online at www.warmfront.co.uk or call 0800 316 2814.


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