The National Rural Conference 2024

The Rural Services Network (RSN) is thrilled to announce the National Rural Conference 2024, taking place from 16th to 19th September. This virtual event, accessible via Zoom, is the premier gathering for senior officers, members, policymakers, and rural service professionals.
Further information and booking details can be found here

Meetings & Events

Throughout the year we provide a range of meetings and events for our subscribed authorities and organisations.

The different events range from seminars, to working groups to full meetings and provide organisations with the chance to engage at different levels with different issues.


The Rural Services Network provides a range of meetings and events for organisations within membership to attend depending on their area of interest

- To view information about the National Rural Conference click here
- To view information about our meetings click here
- The 2024 RSN online seminar programme has now been released and is available here

Seminar Programme

The Rural Services Network provides a seminar programme which is open for all paying members of the RSN to attend.

The seminars are all hosted online, enabling organisations from across England to attend and feature expert speakers and wider discussion and debate amongst delegates.

If you would like information about seminars please contact us at

Future Meetings and Events 10/07/24 - RSN/BT: Digital Telephone Line Switchover Session 26/06/24 - RSN Seminar: Rural Affordable Housing 24/06/24 - Member Induction to Rural Services Policy 18/06/24 - Member Induction to Rural Services Policy 22/05/24 - RSN Seminar: Rural Transport 24/04/24 - RSN Seminar: Rural Economy 27/03/24 - RSN Seminar: Rural Fair Funding 28/02/24 - RSN Seminar: Rural Connectivity 31/01/24 - RSN Seminar: Rural Net Zero 29/11/2023 - RSN & NCRHC Seminar: Tackling the rural health and care workforce problem 22/11/2023 - Countryside COP3: RSN event on Rural Net Zero 25/10/23 - RSN Seminar: Rural Planning 28/06/23 - RSN Seminar: Rural Affordable Housing 17/05/23 - RSN Seminar: Rural Transport 26/04/23 - RSN Seminar: Rural Economy 17/04/23 - RSN Meeting: Campaigns and Updates 29/03/23 - RSN Seminar: Fair Funding 22/02/23 - RSN Seminar: Rural Connectivity 25/01/23 - RSN Seminar: Rural Net Zero 30/11/22 - RSN Seminar: Rural Economies 16/11/22 - RSN Seminar: Rural Health and Social Care 02/11/22 - RSN Seminar: Rural Town Centres, High Streets and Village Hubs 29/06/22 - RSN Seminar: Rural Affordable Housing 25/05/22 - RSN Seminar: Rural Digital Connectivity 27/04/22 - RSN Seminar: Rural Decarbonisation 30/03/22 - RSN Seminar: Rural Planning 02/03/2022 - RSN Seminar: Young People in Rural Areas 26/01/2022 - RSN Seminar: Older People in Rural Areas 24/11/2021 - RSN Seminar: Rural Economies 27/10/2021 - RSN Seminar: Town Centres, High Streets & Village Hubs 28/07/2021 - RSN Seminar: Rural Business 30/06/2021 - RSN Seminar: Rural Housing 26/05/2021 - RSN Seminar: Rural Health & Care 28/04/2021 - RSN Seminar: Rural Decarbonisation 31/03/2021 - RSN Seminar: Rural Digital Connectivity 24/02/2021 - RSN Seminar: Rural Transport 27/01/2021 - RSN Seminar: Rural Education, Training & Apprenticeships 09/12/2020 - NCRHC & RHCA Health Seminar 20/11/2020 - RSN Seminar: Rural Housing 20/10/2020 - RSN Seminar: Planning for the Future White Paper 05/10/2020 - RSN Seminar: Rural Vulnerability 28/07/2020 - RSN Seminar: Rural Skills & Education 23/07/2020 - NCRHC & RHCA Health Seminar 30/06/2020 - RSN Seminar: Rural Health & Wellbeing 19/05/2020 - RSN Seminar: Barriers to access – Connectivity & Rural Transport 09/04/2020 - NCRHC & RHCA Health Seminar 15/01/2020 - RSN Seminar: Connectivity & Rural Transport 12/11/2019- NCRHC & RHCA Health Seminar 07/10/2019 - RSN North West Regional Seminar & Meeting 24/09/2019 - NCRHC & RHCA Health Seminar 31/07/2019 - RSN East Midlands Regional Seminar & Meeting 28/06/2019 - RSN North East Regional Seminar & Meeting 29/04/2019 - RSN South East Regional Seminar & Meeting 21/03/2019 - RSN South West Regional Seminar & Meeting 18/02/2019 - RSN West Midlands Regional Seminar & Meeting


Rural Fair Funding

Amid reduced public spending, fair resource allocation across regions is crucial. Despite a population larger than Greater London, rural areas receive significantly less funding for essential services, even though delivering these services in rural areas is more expensive.

Rural Economies

Economic growth is widely acknowledged as essential for national wealth and prosperity and is a priority for political parties. Rural economies, employing millions and home to a higher proportion of small businesses, have potential for growth if barriers are removed.

Rural Access to Health and Care Services

Rural residents face distinct healthcare challenges, including limited access to transport, longer distances to medical facilities, an aging demographic, housing inadequacies, digital connectivity gaps, and difficulties recruiting health and care workers.

Rural Affordable Housing

Rural communities are grappling with a severe affordable housing crisis, marked by high house prices, a lack of affordable housing, elevated living costs, and lower incomes, threatening their sustainability and vitality.

Rural Transport

Transport is vital for the quality of life and economic health of rural areas, yet it faces challenges such as infrequent public bus services and less Government funding compared to urban regions.

Rural Net Zero

Rural areas, encompassing a substantial portion of England's population and land, play a pivotal role in combating climate change and achieving the net zero target.

Rural Digital Connectivity

In an increasingly digital world, the lack of robust digital infrastructure in rural areas severely limits access to crucial services and stifles economic growth.

Rural Planning

A future-focused vision for rural communities involves not just building the right homes in the right places but also ensuring thriving, sustainable communities.


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