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Our major documents and publications are as follows:

→ Towards a greener Green Book process

There is a long way to go until rural communities see their fair share of investment as new economic research reveals government spending per person on public infrastructure is 44% higher for urban areas than it is for rural areas that include no major cities. The report, Towards a greener Green Book process, produced by Pragmatix Advisory and jointly commissioned by Rural Services Network, Britain’s Leading Edge, CPRE, the countryside charity and English Rural exposes how rural communities are poorly served by government’s mechanisms for allocating public funds.

- Download the 'Towards a greener Green Book process' full report here
- Download the 'Towards a greener Green Book process' summary report here

Investing in affordable rural housing will level up and turbo charge the rural economy’ according to new research from the Rural Services Network, CPRE (the countryside charity) and English Rural.

- Download the Rural Recovery ans Revitilasation summary report here
- Download the Rural Recovery ans Revitilasation full report here
 It's Time for a Rural Strategy

This document set out the reasons we believe that Government should develop a comprehensive rural strategy and documents the areas we believe should be included. It is not a Rural Strategy, instead it sets out key rural issues for consideration by government.

- Download the 'It's Time for a Rural Strategy' template document here

State of Rural Services Report 2018

In conjunction with Rural England CIC the State of Rural Services 2018 report (published January 2019) presents the most recent evidence regarding the provision of services to residents and businesses in rural England.

It covers nine service areas, which are: Local buses and community transport, Broadband and mobile connectivity, Public library services, Hospitals, Public health services, Young people’s services, Shops and online shopping and Personal advice services

- The full SORS2018 report can be downloaded here

- The summary of this report can be downloaded here

Implementing the Broadband USO - Briefing note by the Rural Services NetworK

Despite the achievements of the Government’s superfast broadband programme, around 500,000 premises will still be unable to access even a basic broadband connection by 2020. Those premises will predominantly be found in rural locations.
To address this issue, the Government is due to introduce a Universal Services Obligation (USO) for broadband in 2020.....
(Read more...)

Rural Coalition - New Government must end sidelining of rural issues

The Rural Services Network is one of twelve national organisations who form the Rural Coalition. The Rural Coalition subscribe to a vision for a living and working countryside in England. Given many shared values, we seek to be more influential by joining in common cause. In this statement we set out our key principles, policies and actions which we would urge the new Government to apply to rural communities.

Proposal for a Rural Services Evidence Centre:
- Rural Coalition Statement 2017
- Evidence Base & Assessment of Progress
- Good Practice - Case Studies

The Findings of the First Online Rural Opinion Panel - October 2017
(A Report prepared for the RSN by the CCRI)
In the summer of 2017, the Rural Services Network invested in a novel approach to gathering information about the experience of people living in rural England. They conducted an online survey as part of a recruitment process to establish a Rural Opinion Panel, which will act as a representative voice for rural areas in England, by recruiting people to take part in an online rural opinion panel.  Across six weeks, over 2500 people responded to the survey and the finsigns of this survey can be acceseed here
→ State of Rural Services Report 2016

In conjunction with Rural England CIC the State of Rural Services 2016 report (published January 2017) presents the most recent evidence regarding the provision of services to residents and businesses in rural England.

It covers nine service areas, which are: local buses and community transport, welfare services, access to cash, further education, the retail sector, mental health services, older people's services, public health services and community assets.

- The full SORS2016 report can be downloaded here

- The summary of this report can be downloaded here

→ Seeking the best for rural England 2015-2020

The Rural Services Manifesto published by the Rural Services Network ahead of the May 2015 General Election. A pdf of this document can be downloaded here.
Published December 2014.

The summary report of the manifesto can be accessed here
(June 2016)

→ Affordable rural housing - a practical guide for parish councils

Published by the Rural Services Network and the Rural Housing Alliance, this guide promotes the benefits of rural affordable housing and the role parish councils can play in its delivery. Published December 2014.

→ Alternative service delivery models in rural areas - RE0260

Delivering services through a “Big Society” model such as Community Ownership, Co-operatives or Mutualisation has become a more embedded part of the service delivery landscape

To view the final Defra report click here

For more information from Defra about this project click here

→ State of Rural Services Report 2013

The fourth on the State of Rural Public Services in England concentrates on three policy areas: health services, public transport and post offices. Published November 2013.

→ State of Rural Services Report 2012

Cutbacks threaten to put rural communities at risk when it comes to fire and rescue services, warns the third annual State of Rural Public Services report. Published November 2012.

→ State of Rural Services Report 2011

A report by the Rural Services Network. Published November 2011.

→ Cost of Providing Services in Rural Areas (582KB- Word file)

A report by Local Government Futures for the Rural Services Network. Published August 2011.

→ Rural Review of Public Services 2010 (1.6MB - pdf file)

A report by the Rural Services Network. Published 4 March 2010.

→ Rural Services Manifesto 2010 (1.64MB - pdf file)

Our comprehensive call to action for politicians prior to the 2010 General Election. Published 4 January 2010.

→ Understanding the Real Depth and Impact of Fuel Poverty in Rural England (585kB - doc file)

Produced on behalf of the Commission for Rural Communities. Published September 2010.

→ Implications of National Funding Formulae for Rural Health and Education (2.2MB - pdf file)

We do not claim this to be our document but we are working closely with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Rural Services and this is the recent report. Published 2 April 2010.

Summary Report of the above (448kB - pdf file)
Published 2 April 2010.

→ Sustaining Rural Communities - a call for action (1.25MB - pdf file)

Our report calling for government action to sustain fragile countryside communities. Published 3 March 2008


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