5G and Health - Check the Facts

Following extensive research with UK key target public sectors, Mobile UK have found that while only a very small minority are against 5G, a significant number of those surveyed were unclear whether 5G does or does not pose a health risk.

Mobile UK have therefore created a campaign to help alleviate concerns and improve understanding.

They have been careful to significantly reduce the use of scientific and technological terms and explain the science in the simplest of ways, whilst highlighting that 5G is much more than improving consumer convenience, it has significant societal benefits to help improve, and even save lives.

The campaign has been specifically designed to provide information and collateral to Councils, Councillors and Officers to ensure that they have what they need to respond to queries and questions on 5G and health and its broader societal benefits.

You can download information toolkits, fact sheets, infographics, and mini packs on the benefits of 5G from the below link:
- 5G and Health


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