Affordable water bills for Wessex Water customers

During these testing times, many are worried about what the future holds for their finances. If you’re facing financial difficulty, either short-term or long-term, Wessex Water has your back.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a whole host of uncertainties for all of us. Perhaps one of the biggest worries for some people is the damage to the economy and what effect that might have on personal finances.

For many years Wessex Water has supported customers in financial difficulty to make sure their bill is affordable based on their individual circumstances, or help them get back on track if they are in debt.

Now more than ever, with the furlough scheme nearing an end and jobs across multiple sectors hanging in the balance, it’s vital that help is available to those in need. So Wessex Water has relaxed some of the requirements and evidence that you need to provide in order to go on to a lower bill, based on your ability to pay, if you have suddenly found yourself in financial difficulty directly due to Covid-19.

If you’re a Wessex Water customer, find out if you could be eligible for a short-term lower water bill until you get back on track, or any other financial assistance, at


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