Postponement of the 24/02/2020 West Midlands Regional Seminar

Taking into account the current weather & flooding situation across the country we have decided to postpone the West Midlands Regional Seminar which was supposed to take place this upcoming Monday, 24th of February 2020 at Stafford Borough Council.
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Analysis of Local Government Finance Settlement

We provide a wide range of analysis and information to support our position with our fairer funding campaign.  This ranges from information for Members of Parliament to enable them to take part in high profile parliamentary debates to information for local authorities to better understand their financial position or initiatives from Government.

Understanding the financial position of Rural Local Authorities


Below is an analysis provided to local authorities and rural MPs in March 2016 which provides an Analysis of Government Funding Spending Power - 2015/16 to 2016/17:

- District Analysis (click here)

- Unitary Analysis (to follow)


Below is an analysis provided to local authorities and rural MPs in January 2015 which illustrates the current rural to urban divide in the financial settlement 2015:
- Local Government Finance Settlement Analysis 2015/16

- DCLG Exemplifications showing the changes to formula in respect of providing for cost of rural services

- Analysis of Rural Services Technical Adjustments Exemplifications in DCLG Business Rates Localisation Consultation

Cost of providing services in Rural Areas

- Refuse Collection Rural Premium (Presentation by D Bates 19/04/12)

Support for Local Authorities with Local Government Finance

- Business Rates Introduction (Presentation by N Benn 19/04/12)

- Finance Seminars 2014

Historical Analysis

Local Government Finance Settlement Analysis 2014/15 (MP version)

Local Government Finance Settlement Analysis 2014/15 (Local Authority version)


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