ATM fees on the rise

ITV reports on a recent Which? survey that found more than 1,600 free ATM machines were converted into fee-paying machines between January and March this year.

More than 1,250 ATMs were converted in March alone. ATM network Link, which oversees cash machines, said they have put in place specific arrangements to protect free-to-use ATMs more than a kilometre away from their next nearest free machine.

Last year, Link began to cut the fee from 25p to 20p per withdrawal over the course of four years to help protect the future of ATMs. But ATM operators have blamed Link for the fees.

A spokeswoman for Cardtronics said: ‘We have been forced into charging a fee for cash withdrawals on some of our machines where Link’s cuts have left us with no choice….We only ever charge a fee when there is no other option apart from removing the machine altogether.’

Full article:

→ ITV - More than 1,600 free cash machines start charging fees, Which? finds


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