Average journey times to public services across England revealed

The Department for Transport calculates journey times from neighbourhoods across England to eight types of local service  on foot and using public transport

Destinations range from job centres to GP surgeries and food shops. Results this year found that some of the longest journeys take place in Herefordshire – as residents take nearly 30 minutes to reach key services.

The average journey time was 29.3 minutes in Herefordshire, compared with an average of 18.2 minutes in the West Midlands. Times to different services varied too, with journey times to primary schools taking the least amount of time (16 minutes), followed by shops (20 minutes). Hospitals took an average 53.4 minutes to reach on public transport in Herefordshire. Across England, key services can be reached within 17.8 minutes on average, either by walking or travelling on public transport. This compares to 17.0 minutes when records began in 2014.

A Local Government Association spokesman said: ‘The next government needs to give councils long-term guaranteed infrastructure funding to deliver the improvements in our roads and public transport networks that we require. It should also provide ongoing investment in local bus services, which can be a lifeline for our most vulnerable residents, whether that is to go shopping, collect medication, attend doctor appointments or socialise with friends.’

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Hereford Times - Herefordshire faces some of country's longest trips to hospitals and shops


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