Boris Johnson’s faster broadband promise is being broken, say MPs

The Guardian reports the UK ‘little nearer to closing great digital divide’ between cities and rural areas

Boris Johnson’s promise to “level up” the nation by providing next-generation-speed broadband to most homes by 2025 is under threat as rural dwellers are left behind in the internet revolution, according to a report by parliament’s spending watchdog.

The report by the public accounts committee found that the government is relying too heavily on companies to achieve Johnson’s key election manifesto pledge of addressing the UK’s status as a global laggard in broadband speeds.

These companies are focused on the less costly, easier to reach urban conurbations across the UK and therefore the Goverment is failing to deliver on a promise to find affordable solutions to connect those living in rural areas and remote towns and villages.

Dame Meg Hillier, the chair of the PAC said:

“What DCMS does know full well is it can’t rely on the private sector to get fast broadband to the hardest to reach, excluded and rural areas. And despite its repeated promises to do exactly that, we are apparently little nearer to closing ‘the great digital divide’ developing across the UK nor addressing the social and economic inequality it brings with it.”

Full article:

The Guardian - Boris Johnson’s faster broadband promise is being broken, say MPs


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