Britain ‘growing apart’ as young people leave rural areas

The Sun reports that areas of the UK are ‘ageing twice as fast as others’ as young people leave rural and coastal communities to find work in urban locations

A report released by the think tank Resolution Foundation found that the average national age is rising, from 36 in 1974 to 40 today.

Maldon in Essex and Copeland in Cumbria are ageing twice as fast as the rest of country, while Nottingham and Oxford are getting younger.

Charlie McCurdy, from the Resolution Foundation, said: ‘Rural and coastal communities are welcoming fewer babies each year.

However, migration within the UK and from abroad has seen younger people concentrating in urban areas that are already young.’

Full article:

The Sun - Britain is ‘growing apart’ as young people abandon rural areas and some regions age twice as fast as others


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