Bus driver shortage 'crisis' forces cancellations across rural areas

The Bristol Post reports that a severe bus driver shortage is forcing operators to cancel services, with West of England metro mayor Dan Norris branding it a public transport crisis, while campaigners say rural communities are being cut off across Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Covid-19, Brexit, strike action at the DVLA, sickness rates three times higher than normal, stored-up staff holidays, social distancing restrictions preventing learners from completing training and even HGV companies poaching bus drivers with higher wages have all been cited as causes.

First Bus and Stagecoach are having to take drastic action such as redeploying drivers or hiring agency staff as short-term cover to keep less frequent services and the day’s last buses running, as well as speeding up the process of recruitment and training.

Full article:

The Bristol Post - Bus driver shortage 'crisis' forces cancellations across Bristol region


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