Call for countryside code to be taught in schools

TES reports that the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has called for the countryside code to be taught in schools to help people enjoy the outdoors safely

The organisation, which represents 30,000 rural businesses, warns that a lack of education in relation to the countryside code has ‘left a generation without a basic understanding’ of how to behave in the rural environment.

Ahead of the latest easing of lockdown, when tourism businesses begin to reopen, CLA president Mark Bridgeman said visitors were welcome to the countryside, but they wanted to help people enjoy it safely and responsibly.

Mr Bridgeman has written to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson urging the teaching of the countryside code in classrooms, and offering to help develop a resources pack for teachers and youth leaders.

The code sets out how to behave in the countryside, such as respecting local communities, leaving gates as you find them, taking your litter home, keeping dogs under effective control and following paths unless wider access is allowed.

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TES - Call for countryside code to be taught in schools


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