Call for evidence on rural services

THE Rural Services Network is looking for examples of good practice in rural service delivery.

The call for evidence is part of a commission from Defra, led by Rural Innovation.

Stakeholders are being asked to help identify the underlying principles of good practice in designing local services which work well in rural areas.

We are also interested in the information resources and shared knowledge those developing services which operate in rural areas might need to design excellent services.

It would be very helpful if you could respond to our call for evidence in liaison with any other individuals within your organisation who you feel will have important perspectives to offer.

We would like to ask you to help to:

* Identify any services which you feel are particularly effective at reaching into all parts of rural areas

* Identify any services which produce outcomes that are particularly valued by service users or delivery organisations

* Identify the main beneficiaries of this good practice (groups or locations)

* Identify those aspects of the service design or delivery which you consider have made the difference

* Identify organisations/groups/key people who were involved in that process

* Identify the key elements of the approach that would help others involved in the design and delivery of rural services

* Identify the sort of material that you feel would best help those involved in the design of rural services

* Offer any other insights/views about rural service design

To participate, please complete our short questionnaire by clicking here.

If you have any queries about this specific questionnaire please contact Ivan Annibal on 01522 521211.

The project (RE0246) is managed for Defra by Sam Rule and for Rural Innovation by Rob Hindle. Please email if you would like more details about the broader project.


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