Calls to reduce rural road speed limits

The Sunday Times reported on calls from the cycling charity Sustrans for a reduction in the speed limit on rural roads from 60 to 40 miles per hour.

The charity’s chief executive, Xavier Brice, said the change should be made to increase the quality and safety of Britain’s 16,500-mile national cycle network routes. Sustrans’ research has found that two fifths of the newtwork is poor, with four per cent very poor, due to unsafe junctions and busy roads.

The review also reveals that there are 15,680 incorrect, missing, obstructed or confusing signs on the network.

Brice commented: ‘You are actually more likely to be killed or seriously injured on a rural road than you are on an urban road as a cyclist. What we are calling for is 40mph speed limits for the most rural roads, which is often where the NCN goes, and 20mph on most urban roads.’

Full article:

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