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Campaign for rural investment post-Brexit

RURAL business leaders have launched a campaign calling for more investment in the countryside.

The Countryside Matters campaign aims to unite people who love the countryside and believe it is worth investment and should remain a vital national priority.

It was unveiled by the Country Land and Business Association in a bid to mobilise public support and highlight the importance of rural investment post-Brexit.

The campaign was launched at the Devon Show on Thursday (18 May).

Describing the British countryside as the eighth wonder of the world and the envy of many, CLA president Ross Murray said rural areas deserved government investment.

He said: "It provides us with a large proportion of the food we eat and the water we drink, it cleans the air we breathe and sustains a rich diversity of wildlife.

Mr Murray added: "These features bring benefits to every person who lives in, works in, or enjoys visiting our countryside.

"But there is risk once the UK leaves the EU.

"It is vital for the government to treat farming, the rural economy and our landscapes as a public investment priority."

Mr Murray said public money could be spent in new ways to deliver better outcomes for the economy and environment.

He continued: "If you believe in a vibrant, living and working countryside then you believe the countryside matters.

"We are launching the Countryside Matters campaign to highlight why it should be a government priority, that it is worth investment and that the return on that investment benefits everyone.

"We will be out engaging with thousands of people during the summer show season and talking to politicians and other influencers to press home the countryside matters message."

This face to face contact will be supported by wide-ranging activity on social media and through the publication of new research about what people want from their countryside.

The CLA says its research will also show that the countryside can deliver public benefits in innovative and cost-effective ways.


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