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Citizens Advice: ‘One in Six Feel Broadband Bill Burden’

One in six people are struggling to keep up with their broadband bills, according to a new Citizens Advice survey published in Forbes this week

As more households have become reliant on their broadband connections for remote working and home-schooling during lockdown, the study has found that 16 per cent of adults are struggling to pay their broadband bill, while more than a quarter of those on means-tested benefits finding bills difficult to cope with.

Weighted nationally, the research indicates that as many as 2.3 million people could be behind on their bills.

The findings follow data released by Ofcom in December last year, showing the average household was paying £37 a month for a landline and broadband connection.

Ofcom said that as a proportion of income, this meant the lowest-income households were paying four times as much for access as average-income households.

Full article:

Forbes - Citizens Advice: ‘One In Six Feel Broadband Bill Burden’


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