Community benefits for Electricity Transmission Network Infrastructure consultation launched

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have launched a consultation on community benefits for electricity transmission network infrastructure alongside their plans for Powering Up Britain, which set out how they are taking action to achieve their energy security and net zero objectives

Following Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine 12 months ago, the government is taking steps to ensure the UK is more energy independent, secure and resilient, through increasing the overall share of domestic energy production and reducing energy demand.

BEIS state delivering domestic energy production in Great Britain will require a major step change in the scale and pace of electricity transmission development. The government aims to deliver the most efficient and coordinated grid reinforcement, keeping new developments to a minimum, but detail that this change will also need to be facilitated by new network infrastructure across Britain, both onshore and offshore, to meet the scale of the demand.

BEIS have detailed how it is critical they bring communities with them in the transition to net zero, and they believe communities hosting future electricity transmission network projects should be recognised for the contribution they are making to help increase cheaper, more secure and low-carbon energy that benefits all of Great Britain.

Therefore, they are consulting on community benefits for communities hosting electricity transmission network infrastructure.

The consultation proposes to introduce voluntary guidance on the appropriate levels and forms of benefits to give communities the knowledge, power and flexibility to decide what benefits they want in consultation with the project developer.

You can view more information and respond to this consultation here


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