Conference Special: Gemserv confirmed as sponsors

The RSN is delighted to announce that Gemserv will be sponsoring its National Rural Conference for a second year running.

Gemserv is a leading provider of professional services, helping public and private sector partners make the most of a world increasingly driven by data and technology.

Their mantra that businesses have a wider responsibility to society and the environment echoes the RSN’s drive for those in power to understand the potential of rural communities and the rural economy.

Gemserv is acutely aware of the challenges faced by rural communities and offers a range of services which can help those working within and supporting public service across rural areas.  Their Low Carbon business unit specialises in economic analysis, technical and policy appraisal and they have a particular interest in the delivery of low carbon heat and transport. They are also at the heart of the current debate over off-grid heating regulations and skills needed for net zero and can help decisionmakers to consider options and develop strategic thinking and intervention options necessary to achieve environmental goals.


We were commissioned by the South West Net Zero Hub to set out the skills gaps on the green skills and workforce requirements for a net zero housing stock in the South West of England. Our research found that there's a big challenge with millions of installations of insulation and heat pumps required to decarbonise the region and thousands of roles required over the next 7-27 years to install and maintain them.  However, we also found that the region has a number of core strengths, from good provision of skills, a strong and growing low carbon sector, and a thriving relationship between industry and education and training providers. Read the full report here.

Gemserv’s Senior Low Carbon Consultant, Will Taylor, will also be joining our discussions on Rural Net Zero on Wednesday 20 September.  Find out more about Gemserv here.


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