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Coronavirus check points established across the country

Several media outlets including the BBC report that road checkpoints are being set up around the country to determine if drivers' journeys are essential

The move is being introduced to ensure motorists are complying with government restrictions to stay at home unless absolutely necessary.

In particular, drivers are being urged to steer clear of rural roads where possible whenever they need to drive. Road safety charity Brake has called on motorists to consider their choice of route and avoid riskier rural roads, in a bid to minimise the chances of an accident that would use up valuable NHS time and resources.

However, the Guardian argue that some police forces, including one chief in a south-west England constabulary has admitted that his force had made mistakes in setting up a road block, as officers attempt to interpret rules that became law on Thursday over social distancing

Full articles:

The BBC - Coronavirus: North Yorkshire Police begin road checkpoints

The Guardian - Police acknowledge confusion over UK lockdown rules - Drivers urged to steer clear of rural roads to help coronavirus effort


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