Cost of living survey now closed - results to follow

…and its finally closed!

We have now closed the cost of living survey that the Rural Services Network has been running alongside the Rural Issues Group of the Citizens Advice.

Independent research commissioned by the RSN in summer last year shows rural areas are suffering more acutely from the cost of living crisis compared to urban areas.

To lend more weight to the argument for more funding for rural areas the RSN was calling on as many rural residents as possible to complete a Rural Cost of Living Household Survey.

The purpose of the survey was to understand more about rural household budgets at, what is, a very difficult time for many.  Research has shown that those living in rural areas face extra costs and we now want to explore the impacts for households.

We are delighted to have received over 7000 responses to the survey which is huge.  Thank you to everyone that completed the information.

We are now considering all of the responses and should be ready to publish a report in early May.


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