Countryside COP recommendations

The first ever Countryside COP was convened to showcase and inspire net zero activity in rural communities in response to climate change

Scheduled just a few weeks ahead of COP26 in October 2021, this series of online events highlighted the need for a just transition to net zero and a resilient society which is both economically and socially fair, leaving no one behind. 

Organisations from international farmers’ bodies to universities came together to discuss a wide range of topics - from renewables to a just transition to greenhouse gas accounting.

The Rural Services Network was delighted to take part in the event and hosted a session with over 100 delegates debating issues surrounding rural transport and rural energy efficiency.

A report of all of the recommendations from each session throughout the week has now been published, and includes those of the RSN session.

You can read more at this link to explore the recommendations

The RSN has, as part of the Revitalising Rural campaign, got a specific chapter on Decarbonising Rural Communities and you can read more about the RSN asks at this link


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