CPRE, the countryside charity has today launched a campaign for a reliable bus service for every community

CPRE are calling on the government to make sure that, as we recover from the pandemic, our towns and villages have the bus services that local people need and deserve

Currently, many rural communities are cut off and isolated with local bus services a rare sight. But, we believe that we can have a better system, with high quality public transport helping our towns and villages to thrive again.

CPRE have launched this campaign after ground-breaking research published for CPRE in 2020 found that more than half of the small rural towns across the south west and north east of England have completely inadequate public transport links.

After decades of cuts and underinvestment in rural bus services, people living in towns and villages across England don’t have access to the reliable bus services that they need.

If you support the call for a reliable bus service for every community and want to take part in the campaign, why not sign our petition today? The more people get involved the more we can force politicians to pay attention and take action on this important issue.

Thanks for all your support. Together we can ensure that everyone has access to the bus services that they need and that our towns and villages can thrive once again.

For further information or if you have any queries please contact ChrisH@cpre.org.uk oat the CPRE


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