Current Government Consultations - July 2018

A brief summary of current government consultations of potential interest to RSN members. This is not intended as an exhaustive list of all relevant consultations.


This edition includes a suggested RSN draft response in relation to SME productivity review. If you wish to view this draft response please click here

(Please note this consultation closes on 6 July 2018)


Call for evidence on approach to Loneliness Strategy – Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and Office for Civil Society

The Government’s Loneliness Strategy will be its first step in tackling the long-term challenge of loneliness. Loneliness is a complex issue that affects many different groups of people, and its evidence base is still developing.

The approach is to focus the Strategy where there is the clearest opportunity for government action and further learning. Alongside this government will also be working with partners to explore how they can improve the evidence base, to inform future government policy.

This consultation closes on 20 July 2018.

Heritage Lottery Fund Policy Directions consultation  – Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

The government is revising the Policy Directions set for the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

This consultation seeks views on whether the revised Policy Directions adequately cover what HLF should take into account when allocating grants, and whether there is anything that HLF does that is not included.

This consultation closes on 29 July 2018.

Transport appraisal and modelling strategy: informing future investment decisions – Department for Transport

The Department for Transport’s (DfT’s) appraisal framework aims to provide as full a view as possible about the wide range of impacts transport has on the economy, environment and society. Guidance on how to conduct transport appraisals, WebTAG, draws on best practice in government, academia, and industry. They aim to ensure that it reflects the latest evidence and appraisal methodologies.

This consultation seeks views on the main themes and priorities for developing the evidence base underpinning the appraisal guidance over the next 5 years. They are also seeking views on how to make the guidance more user friendly.

This consultation closes on 15 October 2018.

Banning the use of combustible materials in the external walls of high-rise residential buildings – Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

This proposal is stated to be in line with the Secretary of State’s commitment in Parliament on 17 May 2018 to consult on banning the use of combustible materials in cladding systems on high-rise residential buildings.

This consultation is seeking views on government proposals to ban the use of certain materials. They will also produce a detailed impact assessment based on the information they receive from this consultation to inform the final policy decision.

This consultation closes on 14 August 2018.

Business productivity review: call for evidence – Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy consultation

Raising productivity is one of the government’s key priorities and core to the UK’s Industrial Strategy. As part of the approach to improving the business environment, the Industrial Strategy white paper announced that the government would launch a review of the actions that could be most effective in improving the productivity and growth of small and medium-sized businesses. This review is focused on improving the productivity of businesses with lower productivity, sometimes described as a ‘long tail’ that lags behind the leading firms and underperform relative to domestic and international benchmarks.

This consultation closes on 6 July 2018.

Air quality: draft Clean Air Strategy 2018 – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs consultation

The government is seeking views on the actions being proposed to reduce air pollution and its effects. The Clean Air Strategy affects a broad range of sectors and touches on the interests of many. The government is consulting on each of the main themes of the strategy document:

  • understanding of the problem
  • protecting the nation’s health
  • protecting the environment
  • securing clean growth and innovation
  • reducing emissions from transport
  • reducing emissions from farming
  • reducing emissions from industry
  • international, national and local leadership

They are also asking for views on the strategy as a whole. This consultation closes on 14 August 2018.

Environment: developing environmental principles and accountability – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs consultation

Government want to know what you think about plans to create a new independent environmental watchdog. What functions and powers should the watchdog have to oversee environmental law and policy?

They are also seeking views on what environmental principles we should apply in England to guide and shape environmental law and policy making.

This consultation closes on 2 August 2018.

Prepared by Andy Dean, Assistant Director at the Rural Services Network


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