Digital Poverty Alliance: National Digital Poverty Overview 2024

The Rural Services Network is pleased to share the 2024 National Digital Poverty Overview, a pivotal report by the Digital Poverty Alliance. This comprehensive document addresses the ongoing issue of digital poverty, with a particular focus on rural communities. The report highlights the barriers to digital access and proposes innovative solutions to foster digital inclusion. It emphasizes the critical role of digital connectivity in driving social and economic progress in rural areas.

Key findings include the identification of primary obstacles to digital inclusion, such as lack of infrastructure, affordability issues, and digital literacy gaps. The report also outlines strategic recommendations for stakeholders, including policymakers, businesses, and community organisations, to collaboratively address these challenges.

We strongly encourage all members to review this insightful report to better understand the digital inequities affecting rural regions and to engage in initiatives aimed at bridging the digital divide. By staying informed and proactive, our network can help ensure that rural communities are not left behind in the digital age.

You can access the full report here

The Rural Services Network is a staunch advocate for rural connectivity, crucial for the economic and social vitality of rural areas. Through our "Winning the Rural Vote" campaign, RSN emphasises the importance of reliable digital infrastructure for businesses, education, and healthcare. By actively engaging with policymakers and raising public awareness, RSN strives to ensure rural communities are not left behind, promoting equitable access to high-speed internet, and bridging the digital divide.


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