Drivers urged to take extra care when driving in the countryside

The Stratford Herald and Whitby Gazette report that motorists are being urged to take extra care on roads in the countryside to avoid accidents as lockdown measures begin to ease

With sharp bends, poor surfaces and limited visibility already making rural roads more dangerous than urban roads or motorways, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is concerned that the easing of lockdown rules could result in a spate of accidents with traffic on rural roads expected to soar in England.

The hazards of driving in the countryside are shown by Government statistics, with 58 percent of road fatalities in 2018 taking place on rural roads.

To help all rural road users stay safe, the leading insurer for the countryside has put together a rural road safety checklist.

It urges motorists to adapt their driving style to take account of rural road hazards and to be aware of slow-moving farm vehicles and vulnerable road users such as horse riders, walkers and the growing number of cyclists.

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