East Cleveland Villages Big Local Needs Your Help

Tees Valley Rural Action are looking for a specialist who can work with East Cleveland Villages Big Local to support and identify their next steps that will drive them forward into the remaining 5 years of their ten year programme.
Could you be the expert they are looking for? Is the search over?

They have spent roughly half of our designated £1.1 million (increased because of interest earned).

By spring 2020 they are required to submit a plan to Local Trust that will cover the remainder of both our programme period and expenditure.

This is their final opportunity to undertake a review of their partnership’s past present and future.

They want to get this right for all of our communities in the 11 villages of East Cleveland Villages Big Local!

Please read the following links to find out if this could be you or your organisation.

→ Community Development Commission Brief Final August 2019
→ East Cleveland Villages BL Plan FINAL


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