EE to extend 4G coverage to rural areas

Mobile network operator, EE is upgrading 4G in more than 500 areas in 2021 as part of the Shared Rural Network initiative to extend coverage in rural areas across the UK

SRN is a programme between the UK’s four mobile network operators and Government to extend 4G coverage to 95 per cent of the country to significantly reduce ‘partial not-spots’ by 2024.

EE is expanding coverage in the UK’s most remote areas to significantly reduce ‘partial not-spots’. Only 67 per cent of the UK can get a signal from all four mobile operators, meaning thousands of businesses struggle with a poor connection.

EE's upgrades will target 579 areas by the end of this year, including 333 in England. Coverage has reportedly already increased in 110 locations since the agreement was signed in March 2020.

The reports state that the initial roll-out is expected to increase the turnover of rural firms by £187.7m per year.

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