Elderly forced to bank online in pandemic - but then cannot log on

The Telegraph reports that the rate of change from physical to online banking is creating a ‘societal divide’ as people who are poorer, elderly, or those who live in rural areas, are the most likely to be left behind as more bank branches and cash machines close

The report warns that many pensioners or others on low incomes could not always afford computers and smartphones to facilitate the switch to managing their money online.

Among these groups are many who increasingly depend on online services for their finances, as the prospect of yet further lockdown restrictions over the winter – especially for the vulnerable – becomes more likely.

The report highlights evidence from Age UK that four million over-65s did not use the internet at all before the pandemic, with growing numbers now being forced to access banking online following widespread bank branch closures, despite many suffering lack of dexterity, sight loss and cognitive decline.

Full article:

The Telegraph - Elderly forced to bank online in pandemic - but then cannot log on


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