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Elections 2021: Why a lack of buses is a key issue for voters

Ahead of the local elections, the BBC interviews young people across the country who have struggled with dwindling bus services

The article outlines how across England both local and central government support for buses has fallen by £800m a year over 10 years, Department for Transport figures show, meaning many services, particularly rural ones, are being shut down.

For those growing up in rural areas, the interviewees explain that extra and regular services during the day, as well as early and later buses, would create ‘more opportunities for employment and experience for younger people’ who rely solely on public transport.

The interviewees said they would like to see transport leaders consider improving connections on a more long-term basis between rural and city areas, especially ones which don't have many local amenities.

Full article:

The BBC - Elections 2021: Why a lack of buses is a key issue for voters


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