Environmental planning system ties up more farmland

Farmers Weekly reports that the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has called for the Government to overhaul its approach to tackling the housing crisis in rural communities

Homes are becoming increasingly unaffordable to locals, while the rigid planning system means housebuilding cannot keep up with population demand, further draining the countryside of its young people and workforce – at a time when agriculture is struggling to recruit and keep staff.

The CLA said small-scale developments are needed to support local employment and strengthen the social fabric of these areas, by ensuring pubs, shops and schools could stay open.

However, under the current planning system, large-scale developments – which negatively alter the nature of local communities – are favoured over more modest proposals.

The Government’s housing delivery target is 300,000 homes a year, but it has yet to reach that and in 2021 delivered just 216,000 homes.

Full article:

Farmers Weekly - How environmental planning system is tying up more farmland


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