Free Event - Is housing the key to levelling up the rural economy?

The National Housing Federation are holding a free virtual roundtable on the 6th of July to discuss whether housing is key to levelling uo the rural economy:

Levelling up could be an agenda tailor-made for rural communities. Rural jobs often pay less while training and development opportunities are harder to access. Despite this, rural housing is often more expensive than urban housing once local wages are taken into account.

Much has been made of the levelling up agenda as an opportunity to reduce regional inequality, but this comes at a time where research undertaken by the Country Land and Business Association indicates a widening gap between urban and rural areas. Closing that gap could add £43bn to the national economy.

In this virtual roundtable, we will hear different perspectives on how we can shape the levelling up agenda to ensure rural England remains one of the best places to live and work in the UK.


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