Farmer’s bid to keep land as a connectivity ‘not spot’

ITV reports that a farmer is lobbying to keep her farm in Scotland as an official black spot to attract tourists wishing to go ‘off-grid’.

Owners of the farm have asked authorities to prevent the introduction of 3G, 4G and 5G networks in the area. It they succeed, it will be a first in the UK.

The owner, Sarah Redman, has said that visitors enjoy having a ‘digital detox’ from a lack of connectivity.

She continued: ‘Improving connectivity around the country is vital to all of our daily lives, but as important steps are made towards improving this in rural areas, it’s interesting to consider the impact it might have on some of our much-loved off-grid spots… We’re not looking to hold up improvements in connectivity across the region especially in communities where signal is poor… It’s about restricting networks on a small area, and wouldn’t impact the ability to make emergency calls, nor stop connectivity being improved from the surrounding area.’

Full article:

→ ITV - Farmer’s bid to keep phone networks and Wi-Fi off land to boost tourism


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