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Fewer T level subjects in rural areas

Tes reported on comments from the chief executive of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, acknowledging that that students in rural areas are likely to have access to a smaller range of T levels (a technical qualification) than their urban counterparts.

Students studying the new T levels, due to be rolled out over the next four years, must undertake a compulsory 45 day placement.

Sir Gerry Berragan said that, as a result, the number of T level subjects on offer will be limited by the range of employers in the local area. He said: ‘If you’re in a major conurbation with a whole mix of employers, you’re likely to be able to offer a wider range of T levels because you’ll have easier access to the work placements… I’ve been up to some of these more remote places like Lincolnshire - those colleges are so tied into the local economy…they may offer a narrower range of T levels, but the ones they offer will be good ones, because they already work with those employers…’.

Full article:

→ tes - 'Narrower range' of T levels likely in rural areas


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