Fuel shortages expected to Lead to Rise in Pump Prices

The Daily Express reports that experts have revealed that ongoing fuel shortages will lead to increase in petrol prices and significant decrease in income for rural garages

Many have criticised the Department of Transport for their unreactive stance to the crisis despite advanced warning of HGV driver shortage.

As demand increases due to panic buyers, pump prices will increase as a direct effect, with experts predicting a minimum of 3p rise over the coming weeks.

Several garages have reported that their wholesalers are pushing up bulk supply prices as a result of increased demand and rural garages have issued that they must ration to ensure functionality. 

Oil companies are seen to prioritise high profit margin forecourts rather than smaller ones in rural areas.

Full article:

The Daily Express - Fuel shortages may lead to ‘pump prices rising’ with 'Government's incompetence' to blame


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