General Election 2017: ACRE's 'rural asks'

ACTION with Communities in Rural England has warned that future government policy must be fully 'rural proofed'.

The charity published its 'Election Asks' after the main political parties published their manifestos ahead of the 8 June general election.

Focusing on the most pertinent issues currently affecting rural areas, ACRE's ACRE's General Election Asks 2017 call for a suite of rural, social and economic measures.

It says such measures are needed to address the question of how European investment will be replaced or replicated after the UK leaves the EU.

The paper also sets out 10 rural policy solutions for the next government.

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At the heart of the document is an invitation for the next government to call on the ACRE Network and other rural partners to ensure the best deal possible for rural communities.

ACRE chief executive Richard Quallington said: "There are many examples of the positive action taken by government to support rural England in recent years.

"But further work is needed to ensure that all rural communities flourish and thrive.

"We welcome the news that the unique challenges facing rural areas have been reflected in party manifestos.

"However we still believe that the provision of appropriate support and investment must continue to be at the heart of any future government policy."

ACRE network members – which comprise 38 rural community councils – have supported England's rural communities for more than 90 years.

They have helped rural residents, community groups, charities and business to adjust and adapt to changing times and challenges.

Mr Quallington said: "Today we continue to help rural communities to address need by providing practical support, by spreading good practice and by celebrating the many wonderful things achieved by enterprising residents who live in some of England's smallest and most isolated communities."

The ACRE General Election Asks document is being sent to each of the political parties and to the media.

ACRE said it wanted to encourage others to share this document widely too

It said it wanted the dialogue and debate on the needs and opportunities facing rural communities to continue in 2017 and beyond.


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