Government Energy Bill Survey

The Department for Business are asking all businesses to respond to a survey on energy bills and the impact increased costs are having on your business

The Association of Convenience Stores are urging members to respond to the survey with as much information as possible to help make the case for extending the energy bill relief scheme for convenience retailers beyond March 2023.

Please respond to the Department for Business survey here 

The deadline for responding is 23.55hrs on Monday 24th October 

They have collated all the question into a document here so you can review and collect all the information you need before responding.  

ACS (The Association of Convenience Stores) has been campaigning for the government to extend the energy bills relief scheme for convenience retailers.

The ACS have made clear that convenience stores are essential businesses and if further support is not offer a significant number of convenience stores would be at risk.

The government issued their Energy Bill Relief Scheme in September and discounts are automatically applied to retailers’ bills from October 2022.

The relief is only available for businesses until March 2023, this survey will inform the government thinking on what businesses should get further support.

The Association of Convenience Stores is a member of the Rural Services Network.  You can find out more about them at this link. 


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