Green Energy UK sponsor Pedal 4 Parks

One of the most important lessons that lockdown has taught us all here at Green Energy UK, is just how important our green spaces are – not just for our physical health but for our mental health as well

We know this is something that so many of you confess to have taken for granted before we found ourselves confined for months on end to our homes. Us too!

We discovered new walks, noticed new wildlife – and many of us dusted down the old bike and went for long cycle rides.

That’s why, when Pedal 4 Parks approached us to ask if we would support their 2021 mission to highlight the plight of the UKs national parks, it struck a real chord.

Because we do take our countryside for granted – but as these four guys have discovered; human activity is having a detrimental effect on so many of our wide-open spaces here in the UK.

So, what are Pedal4Parks doing?

In their own words:

“Pedal 4 Parks are a team of four city living, environmentally aware friends, who will set out on a self-supported, bike-packing journey across the UK’s stunning National Parks. Undertaking this journey will help us to understand how human interference is impacting these green spaces and exploring what this means for everyone’s future."

It's a world first!

More about the journey

Traditionally JOGLE would mean cycling from John O’Groats the northernmost tip of Scotland to Lands End the southernmost tip of UK. Completing this journey would mean one has cycled the entire length of mainland UK.

But Pedal 4 Parks are taking this journey even further and attempting to cycle across both land and sea (on water bikes!) connecting the Orkney Islands to the Scilly Islands.

You can follow the team as they prepare to take on the adventure of a lifetime – we’re with them every step (pedal) of the way!

Follow their journey on Instagram here >


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