Help to Grow: Digital – Stakeholder Toolkit

What is Help to Grow?
  • In the March 2021 Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the new, UK-wide ‘Help to Grow’ scheme, to help small businesses across the UK learn new skills, reach new customers and boost
  • Help to Grow: Digital aims to support up to 100,000 SMEs over three years with online advice and guidance, as well as a voucher for software to help them save time and cut
  • Help to Grow: Management aims to deliver an intensive leadership and management training programme to 30,000 SMEs across the UK over the next three
What is Help to Grow: Digital?
  • Help to Grow: Digital aims to tackle the information and financial barriers SMEs face in successfully adopting productivity-enhancing digital
  • Help to Grow: Digital will offer free impartial online support on its online platform to help SMEs identify their digital technology needs, assess technology purchasing options and implement new technologies in their operations.
  • Eligible SMEs will also be able to claim a voucher covering up to 50% the costs of approved, technology solutions up to a maximum of £5,000.
  • This is part of a new UK-wide scheme to help up to 100,000 UK SMEs over three years to adopt digital technologies that are proven to help increase profits and firm-level productivity.
  • The Help to Grow: Digital scheme will be launched in December 2021.
Who can benefit from Help to Grow: Digital?
  • Help to Grow: Digital will be available to all SMEs, offering them free, impartial online support and guidance.
  • The voucher is expected to be available for software that helps businesses:
    • build customer relationships and increase sales
    • make the most of selling online
    • manage their accounts and finances digitally
  • The voucher will be available to businesses that meet all of the following criteria:
    • have between 5 and 249
    • are registered in the UK at the relevant Companies House or are a registered society listed on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Mutuals
    • have been trading for more than 12 months prior to the date
    • are purchasing the approved software product for the first Businesses will not be permitted to purchase an approved software product that they already own or have an active subscription to.
How can you get involved in supporting Help to Grow: Digital?

Register your interest

User Research

  • We want to ensure Help to Grow: Digital is designed according to the needs and priorities of SMEs. If you would be interested in participating in user research for the scheme, please complete the following research booking form:, or contact for more information. We welcome SMEs from all sectors, regions and backgrounds.

Promoting Help to Grow: Digital


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